Turning Water Into Wine

turning water into wine

This is a poem on the first of Jesus’ witnessed miracles of turning the water into wine.

In Cana of Galilee on the third day

At a wedding feast Jesus,

His mother and friends did stay

When Mary told Jesus they’d ran out of wine

The Lord replied

“Woman, what have I to do with thee? It’s not yet my time!

Mary then said to the servants stood waiting

“Do what He tells you without hesitating”

Jesus speaking said

“See those six waterpots made out of stone;

Fill them to the very brim with water alone!

Now draw out a cup to give to the governor,”

As they did so their eyes were transfixed in wonder

For the once clear water had totally changed

Into the purest of wine, oh how very strange!

The governor not knowing from where it had came

Called out to the bridegroom to congratulate

“Here, the best wine, you saved till the last

After men have well drunk and much time has passed”

This first manifestation of Jesus’ glory

Made His disciples believe on Him

And tell all the people this story.

The best wine you have saved till now!

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