Jesus gift to man is salvation

Psalm 140:7
O GOD the Lord, the STRENGTH of my SALVATION, thou hast covered my head in the day of battle.
Psa 140:8
Grant not, O LORD, the desires of the wicked: further not his wicked device; lest they EXHALT THEMSELVES. SELAH. (pause and think deeply on this, meditate on it over and over…Truth will be revealed with a greater weight of understanding)

Once you receive His Salvation, there is nothing you can do to undo or reverse it – NOTHING. The Lord is the STRENGTH of it!
Your greatest failing is not above or bigger than His greatest, most perfect, finished work of Salvation – Remember, He paid for ALL SIN when He bore ALL THE SINS OF THIS FALLEN WORLD, hanging on that Cross before you were even formed in the womb and born into this world!
Before telling your first lies and even realising that you have sin within you.

He KNOWS what He is doing.
And His Work AND His Will are GOOD.
He never offered a flawed, weak and flimsy Salvation to His Beloved children that could be snatched out of our hands if we ‘didn’t watch’ our behaviour diligently enough! Certainly NOT! His Salvation is FLAWLESS PERFECTION.

Now, there is a DIVINE ORDER to all things, and in order to understand the Truth that sets us free, it helps us if we realise what Order these ‘orders’; tenets, firm principles/beliefs are arranged so when they are laid out before us, we can see the truth they reveal clearly and quickly.

It couldn’t be simpler..
His place in the scheme of things is FIRST.
The CENTRE of ALL things.
Before the Cross, At the Cross, After the Cross, He is.
That’s all you need to understand! It really is that easy.
Put Him First (It’s His place anyway) and He will do EVERYTHING!!!
He will Love, teach and guide you with Wisdom through every area of your existence.
Let Him be your Father God.
He will NEVER let you down, NEVER let you go.
Put Him FIRST in your life. Go to Him for EVERYTHING.

Our focus must always be on Jesus. Never on ourselves. Never on the world. Ask yourself this – Do you REALLY have faith in Him? Do you REALLY trust in Him and Him alone?
Then set your eyes upon Jesus and walk.
Follow Him.
With your eyes fixed on Him, every step you take brings you closer to Him. With each move you make you see Him closer, you hear Him clearer, you know Him dearer. Suddenly, before you know it, you begin to realise the True weight of what it means to tabernacle/dwell with Him.
This is Communing with your Father.
This is remaining in Him.
This is RESTING in Him.

HE is the VINE, YOU are the BRANCH.
No branch ever had to examine its own growing patterns and purposely decide what to do next in order to bare fruit and remain attached to the vine.
Of course, everything the branch needs will naturally and effortlessly be supplied simply because it is a part of it, it belongs to, it rests upon, and dwells within the vine. Truth is, if the branch does turn its focus upon itself, trying to take control of its own growth, it WILL suffer and become stunted because it doesn’t know how to grow and bear fruit.
For APART from the VINE, the BRANCH BY ITSELF can do NOTHING, except wither and die.
Have Faith that once you honestly believe in your heart the Truth that Jesus Christ IS your Lord and Saviour, then that means you ARE saved at that very moment, once and for all.
As soon as you believe it, you receive it. And then you can say Salvation has come here into this house today! Your house. Your dwelling. Jesus IS your Salvation. No-thing, kingdom, man or beast can ever snatch you from His hands once you enter into His Salvation.

WE don’t know how to fix ourselves, we haven’t got the foggiest idea and wouldn’t have a clue where to start let alone what step to take first and in what direction?..If we could sort ourselves out, it would be done already.
People do sincerely want to be happy and good and do what is right, but without our Saviour we can never be reconciled to God, our Father and Sovereign Creator of all life in the UniVerse.
We are blind.
The devil blindfolds our eyes and constantly contradicts Gods Truth with his lies from the pit of hell that leave us totally and utterly confused, filled with doubt and fear.

Jesus is the Beginning and the End. He IS Elohim – God Almighty made flesh, Yahweh – the Risen Lord Christ Jesus. He and Him alone knows the way.
He IS the Way.
He is the Navigator, the Architect of ALL you see.
Surrender your life to His Sovereignty, for His Will is Good and His Love for you is limitless undying wholly everlasting.
Let go of your self will, let go of having to be in control, and ask Him to take the Wheel.
Surrender your life (self will) unto Him, He will replace it with His Will to be Done in your life and you will certainly not be sad to have your haphazard lost old way of ‘living’ gone, but you will for the first time ever, receive True complete whole Shalom Peace and gain Everlasting Life. You will walk together as He leads you along His Paths of Righteousness and Truth, in Grace, through Faith unto Eternal Love. God our Father is Eternal Love, which, my Dearly Beloved friends, Truly is Heaven.

If you really trust in Him, you will know and understand that examining yourself and your shortcomings or trying to fix the world around you will get you nowhere.
When you search yourself you become depressed, when you look around you to the world we live in you become distressed. It is only when we look to Jesus do we then find rest. The sooner we all ‘get this’, the sooner ALL is RESTORED.
ALL RESTORED Because He IS Lord.
TRUST that He can lead us through, from any pit of darkness to glory, unto glory, unto Glory.

He will prune all our rotten branches and before we know it, we will begin to walk a little more upright, we will be more loving, giving, understanding…..He is the best BEST Gardener EVER. He can prune and develop us into Holy, Righteous, Sons/Daughters Beloved of the Father. Aware of our standing as a fully complete, whole united member of the Body of Christ.
You see, Salvation causes you to enter into Christ, thus becoming part of His Body.
As soon as you become part of His Body, you are Born Again.
Born Again by His Holy Spirit.
Do not ever be gravely mistaken into believing that any member of this Holy Born Again Risen Body of Christ can ever fall away dead and lose Salvation. Pray and ask our Father in Jesus name to give you the Wisdom to understand the Truth of our standing.

Luke 2:30
For mine eyes have seen thy salvation

2Th 2:13
But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

Love Peace Truth Light Grace and Wisdom be with you now and forever more in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ Faithful and True xXx
Blessings, from your sister in Christ, Teresa Carey xXx Harvestime xXx


  1. Couldn’t agree more, I’ve had many ‘discussions’ on this subject and always am baffled why any Christian would believe any different? Thoughts?

    1. Ah yes me too…I wouldn’t like to say because I really don’t know either..maybe there is something holding them back from diving in fully immersed?? Or maybe for reasons we don’t know, they have a blind spot??

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