The Miracle Of The Raising Of Lazarus.

Martha and Mary were weeping

Both girls oh so deeply sad

Just four days ago their brother did die

He was always so good, such a kind sort of lad

Then Jesus arrived to comfort and heal

To show the glory of God totally real

As Mary met Jesus and fell at His feet

She cried “If you’d been here Lord this would never have been”

Jesus wept greatly and asked “Where is his grave?”

Someone answered “Over there behind the large stone, in that big cave!”

Jesus told the men to roll back the stone

Martha sobbing said “No Lord, please leave him alone”

“If you believe me today” said Lord Jesus Christ

“You’ll see the glory of God from above”

He then turned and gave thanks to His Father in heaven

And everyone there believed in His love

Suddenly in a loud voice He called and cried out

“Lazarus come forth!”

So none of them could doubt

As they watched the young lad

Rise up and walk to his family

The crowd gazed in wonder

Singing and praising most happily.

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