The Loveliest Lamb

The Loveliest lamb in field of grass

The Loveliest Lamb is really a prayer to Jesus to help me (and you) become more like Him and to have His Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven.

The Loveliest Lamb – I love them all best!

Lord Jesus Christ from my heart I give thanks,

For Your evermost gentle, unbreakable strength,

Your beauty and Your Love

You dry my tears and answer my prayers from up on high above

I want to do what You want me to

Not my will but the will of You

Please take me on to live with You

Hand in hand forever true.

Lead me through and show me around

I surrender my soul to Your Holy Command

Wonder filled was I upon our introduction

I want to learn more and await Your instruction

I love and worship You beautiful Lord

The Loveliest Lamb and Son of God.

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