Jesus hugging a man

Feel the Love sent from above

Filling up my soul

And forever it shall be

You will be the life in me

And I will be alive in Thee

On board the Golden circle

Riding high through time

Your hand has taken hold of mine

I’m lifted in Your Light

You speak Your Word and give me flight

You lead me through Your story

I’m so thankful my sweet Lord

To see Your shining glory.

Your perfect Seed You sowed in me

I watch it grow in wonder

Time is here for me to be

To join The Greatest Bond-Oh

All His chosen, every one

Each one given the living God

He made us one in all the same

When the Holy Spirit came

Filled our souls with good pure Love

Directly from good God above

His perfect Seed He sowed in you

I watch it grow in wonder

Time is here for you to do

To join The Greatest Bond-Oh

Now we have a bond I see

Unbreakable eternity

Faith You gave at first

And made it always be

However lost we found ourselves

In Truth, Your Love in Grace finds me

His perfect Seed He chose and sowed

We watch and grow in wonder

Time is here to thank and praise Him

For this Greatest Bond-Oh


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