The Cross Road Sign

large Chrstian cross on the road against moody sky with the sun going down

I have a message for all the people

Lost on the road with no sign

Raise your head and look up now

You may just see something divine.

See the road you came along

It has no name and drives no-one

But there’s a cross road up ahead

Turn to face our Lord instead

The road is called SALVATION

And it heals us everyone

Jesus Christ! The light that shines!

Straight to the Father through His eyes

Come, turn, seek, learn

Satisfy that aching yearn

Get the real connection

See the right direction

Get your God injection

For your soul resurrection.

Our soul purpose for life on earth

Is to see the truth and speak His word

Testify He be the light, He be the light. Be the light!

So come along and join within

And pass it on to all His kin

So there it is, you have it;

His message, you just had it!

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