She See! Say. His Way.

Sillhoette of our Lord Jesus Christ with the sun behind him against the sky

Blessed are all in Jesus! Praise His Glorious Name!


Lord Jesus who is Christ!

My soul belongs to you.

He is God made flesh.

He embodies the Spirit of God.

Our Creator!

He has always been and will always be.

I have seen into His eyes, and met the Father.

From beginning to eternity.

I looked into the eyes of Jesus. And saw.

The Flame. The Fire. The Light of God.

All was certain. Doubt was not possible at all.

I was face to face with that which is Truth.

And Truth I did see.

His perfect seed is growing in me; I’ve been watching it in wonder!

Dedicated to nurturing this gift am I

Which He has bestowed upon me.

Oh! And I desire……

With every beat of my heart, with every draw of His breath, I breathe,

With every last drop of the water of my life

To do His Will – Only

-And to see His will be done on earth as it is in heaven

Everyday closer to complete fruition.

Grow this tree

Now wild and rampant as summer green…

September follows.

Oh Lord, Your Will is all, and I am yours

Jesus! Is the commander of this vessel!


A question.

A pointer.

A way.

What are you not looking at?

Look, at what you turn from

Turn from what you run to.

Much to see, to re-assemble


Sooner is better,


In place. In order. To work!

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