New Testament Christian Poetry

A New Testament Christian poem called In The days Remaining that gives us insight as to where we are in time and guidance as to what to focus on and so works on our building of faith through New Testament teachings with truth and wisdom.

I love writing Christian poetry filled with New Testament wisdom and grace and since becoming a Christian our Lord uses poetry to teach me about His New Testament grace-filled gospel. I love to use blue letter bible for my studies using the KJV.

A Christian poem for New Testament times

‘In The Days Remaining.’

In the last remaining days, out in dark, dead of night

Silent wall to wall stillness,

Ringing supersonic bright light

A colossal harvested bale of hay

And I pass through the eye of a needle and say;

“Harvestime has arrived for all this day

Everything measured, now reckoned and weighed

The final watch is upon, nothing’s quite as it seems,

Note the fragrance that follows you out of your dreams”

The story unfolds and some characters they change

Inconspicuous and overlooked, oh so very strange!

But look and see no astonishment here,

Just a lift of the brow, I’m recalling the chair

That carried me somewhere out of time

Out of speed and distance somehow.

A waiting game plays, and patience is thin

I must now get a grip of this state that I’m in.

It was indeed, Authentic Truth that I witnessed,

Assured with the Omniscient Sovereign Seal

And truly I tell you with the love that He gives us

I know beyond any, and ALL doubt that He’s real

So why is it I can’t always command what I feel?

I consistently fluctuate from pillar to post

Needing this soul and this body to line up with the ghost

In Truth the spirit stands and does always remain

From the moment baptized and re-born again.

And so a day or two goes by, and it’s another week that’s passed

Forgetting the last five minutes ago, as it just went so fast

Behind the scene collaborations go

Keen under the radar

Every detail noted none is unseen from afar.

So just stop for one moment

Everybody just STOP

Drop what you are doing

Be quiet and pause,

Now listen with great care as you whisper, “My Lord,

Oh my Father,

Dear Abba

Come let me know Your embrace”

In the strongest of arms cradled in glory held,

You pass through the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ

Before your Maker; Our Father,

Beholding His face!

Child of the Most High Lord God Almighty

Do now only His Will and surely shine brightly

Reflecting His glory in all that you do

Look up and see now,

All I’ve told you is true.

New Testament times Christian poetry
New Testament Times

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