A Christian Poem in New Testament Times – He Is Risen! Jesus Lives!

A poem of New Testament Christian Cross in the clouds and the Lord Jesus Christ is risen

I love writing Christian poetry filled with New Testament wisdom and grace and since becoming a Christian our Lord uses poetry to teach me about His New Testament grace-filled gospel. I love to use blue letter bible for my studies using the KJV.

New Testament Living Poetry

He Is Risen! Jesus Lives!

Oh what a blessed day, He is risen!

For His life, for all of mankind He has given

Each and every single last one of us

Can be reconciled with the Father through His Son Christ Jesus

Oh what a gift of salvation, through the power of His grace

Driven by love, held together in truth

Poured upon His creation of man, His beloved human race

His own life He lay down , so that YOU may rise up

Together in righteousness held as one by His love

Filled with His spirit and bathed in His glory

From our Holy Father above for the sake of HiStory.

Dear sweet Lord Jesus Christ, Absolute Sovereign Creator of the Universe, Alpha and Omega – You did this for us. (selah – pause and think upon this)

I cannot find the words to give a taste to this feeling…I just find myself at your glorious feet drowning in your love, longing for the day when we see your face again. I know it wont be long at all now, and my prayer to You dear Lord is that all those that were given to you by the Father will look up and see.

Your Will Be Done.


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4 thoughts on “A Christian Poem in New Testament Times – He Is Risen! Jesus Lives!

  1. And can it be, laid out to see
    The Truth displayed on page for me
    No church or kneeling to converse but faith presented word and verse
    A Goddess gifted with a sight denied to most but shining bright
    A belief that leads us all to follow, hope for all for a Christian morrow
    If I could match this angel’s prose with deeds that would dispel all woes
    The accolades would be for you, whose beliefs are reverently true
    Dave xXx

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