New Testament Christian Gift At The Cross

A New Testament Christian poem of His gift at the cross

So this is that day He gave it away

His life for us all because of man’s fall

For all of sin He suffered and paid

For the life that He so lovingly made

“It is finished!” He cried and He gave up His spirit

Then He bowed His head and departed that minute

His love for us all the greatest ever known

Is the very reason He sits on a throne.

Seated at the right hand of our Father, our God

The glory, the story the true holy rod

I take this time now to thank you dear Lord

For Your love for us all, for Salvation assured.

I cannot find words to speak out my heart

So this poem I give as a feeble start

To try at least to let You know

But You know already, so what can I show?

I’m grateful and thankful for Your glorious love

You’re my Lord, my God, my heaven above.



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Here’s a link to a great site I like to visit called Answers In Genesis.

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