Jesus Heals A Leper

Jesus heals a leper

This poem recalls how Jesus heals a leper and shows us that His love and compassion knows no bounds. Our Lord is so GOOD!

Jesus of Nazareth spoke God’s Word in every synagogue

Throughout all the land of Galilee

And there came to Him a leper; beseeching the Nazarene

Whilst down on bended knee

He cried out “If you are willing Lord, I know you can cleanse me pure”

Jesus moved with compassion reached out and touched him saying

“I Am indeed, and as I speak, you are clean for sure”

As soon as the words left the lips of Jesus

The leprosy fled but there stood by no witness

So Jesus ordered that he tell no man

Except the priest of the temple to show

And give to them an offering

As Moses commanded a long long time ago

But this new and freshly washed clean gent

Published the matter widely as he went

So much so that Jesus could enter the city no more

Instead He remained in the desert places

And from every direction people came to adore

To listen to Wisdom and acquire great Faith

To learn of the Salvation of our Lord’s human race.

Jesus heals a leper
With compassion He reached out, touching him saying ” I will; be thou clean”

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