Jesus Heals A Bleeding Lady

Jesus heals a bleeding lady

There was once a poor lady

That couldn’t stop bleeding

Twelve years she did suffer

Without any healing

She spent all her money on potions and pills

Each week she received more and more doctor’s bills

But then she saw Jesus out on the road

Surrounded by people the streets overflowed

Quietly sitting she thought to herself;

I know I’d be well if I could just touch His robe!

So she nudged, and shoved, and pushed through the crowd

With everyone shouting so very loud

Closer and closer oooh almost there

Stretching out touching His hem

God answered her prayer!

At once! Jesus stopped and turning around, said;

“Who was it that touched me?”

The lady put her face down

As slowly she looked up, trembling with fear,

She said “it was me Lord Jesus, for I knew healing was there!”

“Daughter fear not! said Lord Jesus Christ

You’ve been made well by your faith

You are blessed and most wise!”

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