I Desire – Die, Rise!

Dove of peace flying out of the cross

Help me Lord to speak my heart,

In Truth, help my heart to sing

Call me on holy work to start

Praising Your Name

Jesus Christ the Glorious King!

I implore you Sovereign Lord

Employ my soul today

Give me a heart to obey

Your Word and follow Your Way.

Lord I need You to navigate

If not, I’ll surely hesitate

Your the only captain who can steer this ship

Without You Lord, I’ll surely slip.

Therefore my life I give to You

And yet it comes to me from You

Lord, what I mean to say is this:

I have no desire for my fruitless ways

Please shine on me Your Godly Rays

For I am foolish, selfish, lost and blind

Awaken in me Your Holy Spirit so kind

Then, and only then, can Your Will I do

For You are now alive inside soaking my soul through

So take this wheel I stand aside

Hold me tight we start to ride

Bringing home to all; – our Lord Faithful and True

A journey that is written souly by You

I thank You Lord with every breath of  life I breathe.

You are Lord and Creator of all.

Thank you for Your limitless love upon all Your children

Thank you for all Your children in Your love forever, together as one.

Praise be to Your Name our Lord and Master

Jesus Christ forever after.

Glory to You Faithful and True

Forever in Love

Forever in You.


4 thoughts on “I Desire – Die, Rise!

  1. What a little beauty you are, you are…..
    What a little Beauty you are !
    Praise the King of Kings forrever and ever……

    And of course pray for poor Notts County xXx

    Mr Scarey xXx

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