Healing Of The Centurion’s Servant

Jesus heals a centurions servant

There was a certain soldier man,

A noble centurion of Rome

Whose servant was sick and poorly in bed,

Waiting in his home

The centurion came to Lord Jesus

For he heard that the Lord could heal,

He asked “please could you make him better my Lord?”

For he believed that Jesus’ powers were real!

Then Jesus spoke and as He replied,

The people listening were all wide eyed

“Truly I say to all today;

Never have I seen such faith!

Because you believe, you shall receive!”

And the servant was healed right away!

As this is a poem for young children…

here’s some help with those BIG words!

Noble – Good, honest and brave, always doing what is right.

Centurion – A centurion was the man in charge of 100 soldiers in the Roman army, a bit like a commander or captain.

Healed – To be healed means to be mended and made fully well. To become healthy and not to be sick or injured anymore.

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