Fruit In Bloom. click to hear song

fruit on tree with sun and blue sky

Come on people gather round I got a gift that’s free,
Because that’s how I got it when He gave it to me
What is that I hear you say?
What did He give to me?
Well open up your ears so that your heart it may receive
Fruit in bloom – built for Omni
Just what kind of gift is this?
I hear you say to me
Well it’s His Word and it’s His Seed
and a-ha it’s Holy!
His Holy Word Seed sowed inside
Forever will remain
so lovingly He grows it great
not one heart can contain
Fruit in bloom – built for Omni
And so He said sing to all out of your heart My Word
For when you sing the Seed I bring Salvation Fruit is heard, Fruit is Heard
Fruit in bloom – built for Omni

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