Feeding Five Thousand

Feeding the 5000

A poem for young people telling of the miracle of our Lord Jesus Christ feeding the five thousand.

Jesus went up into a mountain one day

To sit with His friends and eat

Looking out He saw a great crowd of people

All wanting to join Him and meet

“How do you suppose we can feed them?”

The Lord asked Philip that day

But He already knew

Exactly what He would do

He just wanted to hear what His disciples would say

So Philip replied “We haven’t the money to buy bread for them all”

“It’s not enough but here’s a lad with loaves and fish” Andrew called

“Make them sit down on the grass” replied Jesus

“I have more than enough food for all that can feed us”

So the men sat down as Jesus gave thanks

For those five barley loaves and two small fish

And the Lord gave out the food to His friends

Then they gave to each man as much as each wished

Everyone ate up all that they could

Till all of the men were completely filled up

Jesus then told His men

“Collect all that’s leftover so nothing is lost”

So they gathered twelve baskets full, and ALL were aghast!

Feeding the 5000
Feeding the 5000 with 12 baskets full leftover

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