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Jesus reaching down to pull you out of the water

It is no co-incidence that you have found this post, it is God that caused our paths to cross, He is the greatest weaver of destinies, seamlessly interweaving all of our lives together so that we may teach each other and witness to one another the Truths that we encounter in life…

The endless searching that both my husband and I were carrying out was the very thing that lead us to Him that is called Truth – Jesus of Nazareth – Son of God.

We didn’t go looking for anyone in particular, not Buddha, Mohammed or Jesus, just the Truth and it just so happened to be that the Truth was Jesus….Well it had to be someone…There has to be One Truth – That which IS.
I found myself…WE found ourselves face to face with Jesus. It was made known to us with the Greatest Authenticity and Authority that Jesus and God are One. That they are from the Beginning and to Eternity. And that All was Good.
In what was actually only a few minutes, it seemed like all of Time. We were given a “download” of information that has taken us years to understand and begin to see become manifest.
We searched for Truth and found it.
We knocked, and kept on knocking, and the door was opened.
We asked, and keep on asking, and we are given.

I know beyond All doubt that Jesus and God our Father are one and in order to enter into the presence of God you have to go through the eyes of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is just where the Gate happens to be.

The spirit of this world is indeed corrupt and there are many demons in disguise and their one and only purpose is to stop you from getting a Revelation of this Truth.
But they only have as much power as you give them.
Curses from demons/witches and the like rely on you believing in them.

You see, believing in something requires Faith and you have to be very careful where you place your Faith because once you have belief in something, total utter belief, then the thing you are believing in becomes yours.
Every step you take brings you closer to the thing you are focusing on until it is upon you.
Do not believe any curse is upon you. It is NOT. Do not believe you are not worthy of the Lord’s Love. You ARE. He DIED for YOU.
God has a plan for you, and His plans are Good.
By excepting Jesus and believing in Him, that he was born as a man with the Holy Spirit of God upon Him, that He died on the Cross and was raised to life on the third day. When you truly believe this, He comes to live within you. His seed opens up and grows in your heart. And He is ALWAYS there to lead you through EVERYTHING in this life. And you will have Life Eternal with the Father in Heaven.
He loves you so greatly and so deeply that He gave His life for you. His work is DONE.
Once you believe in Him, your soul is Saved and there is nothing that you can do, no Sin you can commit that will change that. You are forgiven of all Sin past present and future because God now sees you as the finished product. Christ is alive in you and He is the Righteousness of God. As He is in Heaven, seated at the Right Hand of God, so are you in this world.
With this new Revelation of Truth, you now have the one thing we are all searching for, well within your sights.
As it becomes focused, your life begins to change. To change for the better.
When you fix your eyes on Jesus, every step you take brings you closer to Him and you begin to walk in line with what He has planned for you.
He has total, complete and utter Authority over EVERYTHING in the whole Universe, which means that you too, as a Son of God have that same Authority because He is alive inside you. It’s just a matter of time before you realise it.
I know that you are hurting and that you have an emptiness, but your Creator can fix anything. He made you and so He knows exactly how to restore you to full Glory, just the way He intends you to be.

I’m not saying that once you become Christian everything is easy, no no. In fact as soon as you become Christian, those demons try their best to agitate you and to make you feel alone. To make you forget that God Loves you. But as your faith grows it becomes harder and harder for anything to rock you and get you to fall.
But the amazing thing is, is that when you do fall and when you are shook up, The Lord takes a hold of you and walks you through your situation, teaching you and growing you along the way. Just keep your eyes on Him.

Do not let this world deceive you of the Truth. There is NOTHING that can overpower you if you have the Lord inside you.
He is Love.
He wants to be a part of your life every day so that He may lead you in His Ways.
Take a hold of your life by handing it over to your Lord and Master, your Saviour, your Creator. It is the Shepherd’s desire and business to protect the sheep from the wolves. It is not for the sheep to protect the flock. Let the Good Shepherd take care of His flock. He wants to take care of you. Put your trust in Him and I promise you, you will never regret it or look back. You have nothing to lose and Heaven to gain.
I pray in the Name of Jesus that you will hear the Truth that I have spoken…written.. and that you will let it into your heart because as and when you do, all that I have said will become True for you.
Love Peace Truth Light Grace and Wisdom
Teresa Carey xXx

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