Begin The Gospel Of Jesus Christ To The End


New Testament Poetry at it’s very heart. This poem reminds me to meditate on the Gospel of Jesus alone. It shows me how I’ve fallen for falsehoods by taking my eyes off of Him. It humbles me that still He helps me up. His grace is bountiful and love is limitless. We ALL need Jesus Christ who is Lord and Saviour.

Far too long I listened

To the levain in bread

Slowly rotating and steadily creeping

Multiplying, dynamically changing, it’s feeding

Till the Truth that’s made known

Bare’s no Truth of the Throne

How can it be? A truth full of lies?

The work of the wolf in total disguise

Takes a good wholesome measure of Gospel

Then by adding seeds of deceit

In passing of time see it coiling around

Strangled suffocation of weeds

So as we gaze at the tree no more do we see

The Glory and Majesty that was given and shown

Rathermore a dull counterfeit heresy sown

The Lord hears the broken soul cry stirring groan.

So He sends down a light

A fine gardener upright

To root out the weeds that smothered the tree

So Truth and Majesty once again can be seen

And there it stands true Just as Truth’s always been

The Alpha, the Omega, the eternal, evergreen

Now the husbandman’s visit cleared the rot from the ground

So make sure that your keeping in doctrine that’s sound

And spreading out toward everyone His Gospel seed

Undiluted, unmixed, pure and simple to feed

Jesus Christ is the ONLY Truth we all need

No time and no place to cultivate feelings of man

See all offences fall flat in the Light of God’s plan

Only Love gives the Gospel Truth,

Just as it is

And none, no not any can ever deny

ALL the Power

And ALL of the Glory


Hallelujah! Praise the name of the glorious, spotless, righteous Lamb of God

Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Nazarene,who is the risen Christ, victorious over sin and death eternal, He who sits at the right hand of the Throne of our Father in Heaven. The Almighty Sovereign Omnipotent Triune Godhead;

Father +Son+Holy Spirit

All of His children and heavenly hosts praising Him always without any end throughout the entire Uni-verse out of time singing is sent.

I recently came across a man of God that has been an inspiration to me and I want to take this opportunity to share his site. His name is Justin Peters and I cant stress how much the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ can be made clear by listening to him speaking on the word of God. Click here

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