A Christian Prayer; A New Testament Poem

Christian prayer about giving

I just love writing New Testament based Christian poetry because it’s the only way I can really speak my heart out to people about my love for them, and I can also try to begin to tell them of Christ’s love. Jesus gives His love to me freely and I greatly desire that all His people will come to know the beauty and glory of His love. His will be done.

Give. New Testament Christians

Look! Look! Right now! Today!

Find the voice you need to pray

Gather strength from high above

Join with God sing like a dove

All is there so take part and share

You diligently search

For the Truth that is rare

Repent from your sin

And turn where you stand

Cry out from your heart

Lord take hold of my hand

I’ve seen this road somewhere before

Once or twice or maybe more

Third time round now lets get it right

Give your whole heart to Jesus

Let the Lord win your fight

And so we are called,

By Truth we’re set free

He lifts the veil from our eyes,

And we begin to see

See His Holy Spirit then moves on in

Real life alive, runs through us all,

Father, Son, Holy Spirit; He’s in

Without the Living Spirit of God

There would be nothing nor anything here

Yet since the place is teaming with life,

Praise Him, thank Him, become aware

Pray the Lord to live in you,

Then give to others what he gives to you

In purest love always doing your best

Spread the Good News of Jesus

North, east, south and west.

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